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Abortion: are South American doctors often obliged to act against their conscience?

02 March 2016

The Interamerican Court of Human Rights could soon pass judgment on the obligation for South American doctors to act against their conscience, at least in the...

Obamacare: religious institutions submit a request to the Supreme Court

20 January 2016

In the United States, several institutions and Christian educational institutions“have submitted a request to the Supreme Court within the scope of the hearing...

A Californian judge confirms the decision taken by a hospital based on its beliefs

15 January 2016

On Thursday, a San Francisco judge refused to force a catholic hospital to authorise the sterilisation of a patient following the birth of her third child...

Uruguay Court upholds the conscience clause for gynaecologists faced with abortion

31 August 2015

The Uruguay Court of Administrative Litigation “ruled in favour of a group of 100 gynaecologists against the Government”on 21 August 2015 regarding their...


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