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Conscientious objection


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Abortion in Ireland: doctors ask to include their right to conscientious objection in proposed legislation

18 June 2018

Under the current abortion bill, refusing to refer patients to doctors willing to perform abortions would "be a breach of the law". While the law allows...

In Chile, conscientious objection to abortion extends to institutions

17 October 2017

Following the vote on the bill to decriminalise abortion in Chile at the end of August (see Chile decriminalises abortion in some cases), the Constitutional...

Abortion in Chile: Medical teams may benefit from the right to conscientious objection

13 July 2017

In Chile, the draft bill to decriminalise abortion, which included a conscience clause only for the surgeon carrying out the abortion, is currently being...

Abortion in Chile: apart from the surgeon, the medical team is not allowed to exercise conscientious objection

07 July 2017

In Chile, the Senate is about to finalise the voting of a draft bill which would decriminalise abortion in three situations (see Chile authorises abortion for...


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