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Bioethics press synthesis

Cloning: major debates for minor outcomes

04 July 2016

According to experts, ever since the cloning of the ewe, Dolly, the question surrounding human cloning has become “complicated, risky and ethically...

The European Parliament bans the sale of cloned animals

08 September 2015

On Tuesday, 8 September 2015, the European Parliament adopted the first reading of a bill banning the sale of cloned animals, bred using a specific feeding...

The European Parliament bans cloned animals from EU states

18 June 2015

Yesterday, Wednesday 17 June, the European Parliament called for a territory-wide ban within the European Union on cloned animals, their descendants and...

Therapeutic cloning with adult stem cells

22 April 2014

 Last week, in the Stem Cell journal, a team of American scientists (California) published the results of their research enabling them to clone adult...


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