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Bioethics press synthesis

China: first primates cloned by nuclear transfer

06 February 2018

"A Chinese team has just cloned the very first primates with the technique used on Dolly the ewe in 1996". Highlighted in the Cell journal on 24 January, the...

Dog clones and "reclones" - are they in good health?

06 December 2017

Based on cells taken from Snuppy, "the first dog cloned ten years ago,", a team comprising South Korean and American scientists [1] successfully "...

Will CRISPR replace animal cloning?

13 January 2017

A team of French-American scientists has investigated gestation failures in animal cloning. Their results suggest that this technique is now outdated and will...

Cloning: major debates for minor outcomes

04 July 2016

According to experts, ever since the cloning of the ewe, Dolly, the question surrounding human cloning has become “complicated, risky and ethically...


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