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According to survey, one in five mothers believes they had baby "too late" in life

12 October 2018

A survey conducted by The Independent newspaper, claims that one in five mothers believes they had a baby too late in life. Researchers who surveyed 2,000...

United States - new guidelines for patients in vegetative and minimally conscious states

05 October 2018

In the United States, new guidelines have been drawn up and published in the Neurology Journal seeking to remedy errors made in diagnosing disturbances of...

In Canada - three adults acknowledged as legal parents of a baby

05 October 2018

Last April, the Newfoundland Court in Canada recognised three legal parents—two fathers and one mother—of a child born naturally in 2017. This is the first...

United Kingdom: accidental disclosure by NHS of personal data for 150,000 patients

23 July 2018

A coding error has triggered the breach of data held for 150,000 British patients who had opted out of sharing their confidential health information. The error...


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