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Omnigender, neutrois, intersex… Australian birth certificates with 33 possible genders?

17 December 2018

This would allow Australian parents to choose from 33 gender options instead of the traditional 'male' or 'female' when registering the birth of their children...

Down syndrome: novel eugenics from America?

30 November 2018

Eugenics is often likened to 20th century Nazi ideology and its government-run programmes aimed at killing thousands of Germans with disabilities in an attempt...

Transgender man gives birth - is this person the mother or the father?

19 November 2018

In the UK, a transgender man, who was born a woman, gave birth to a child but refuses to be registered as the mother on the birth certificate. He simply wants...

The Netherlands issues "gender neutral" passport

12 November 2018

In the Netherlands, people can now be identified as "gender neutral" on their passports as opposed to male or female. This is a European first[1], but the...


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