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Declining birth rate: "Norway needs more children!"

04 February 2019

"Norway needs more children! I don't think I need to spell it out for you", said the Norwegian Prime Minister on 17 January 2019. In 2017, the fertility rate...

A woman, in a vegetative state for 10 years, gives birth to a child

28 January 2019

In Arizona, in the United States, a woman who has been in a vegetative state for a decade has just given birth to a child. No-one had even noticed that she was...

In Germany, recognition of a "third gender"

21 January 2019

In Germany, on 13 December 2018, the Bundestag (national parliament) adopted a bill paving the way to recognise the existence of a third gender. This category...

Sterilisation, the No. 1 contraceptive in the United States?

21 January 2019

In the US, sterilisation is now the most common "contraceptive" method, even more so than the pill, as revealed by the Centers for Disease Control and...


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