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7,000 people join the March for Life in Croatia

23 May 2016

On Saturday, the March for Life united thousands of people in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. This was the first event of its kind in a country where abortion...

3D ultrasound scans: getting to know the child before he/she is born?

29 March 2016

3D ultrasound scans are not that commonplace in Europe. The French Health Authorities, for instance, are afraid of the effects of the ultrasound on the foetus...

The American Supreme Court is divided on the financing of contraception

23 March 2016

On Wednesday, American Supreme Court judges “heard, for an hour and a half, the arguments put forward by seven religious, non-profit-making associations,...

Launch of the “One of Us” Federation in Paris

14 March 2016

On Saturday, almost 1,200 people came together in Paris for the first European “One of Us” forum, “a European pro-life meeting organised by the Jérôme Lejeune...


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