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Vatican: a new charter for health care workers reaffirms the sanctity of life

17 February 2017

On 6 February, the dicastery for integral human development announced an "update to the health professionals' charter". This document, which was printed for...

An ethical stance for Antonio Tajani, the new President of the European Parliament

03 February 2017

On 17 January, MPs appointed Euro MP, Antonio Tajani,"as President of the Strasbourg Parliament". A centre-right candidate and member of the European Popular...

Belgium: a "baby box" is questioning the support to pregnant women and young mothers

27 January 2017

At the end of the month, a "baby box" will be installed in the Brussels region at the initiative of the ASBL Corvia association, which helps the homeless....

Infertility Levels Increasing Amongst European Women

23 January 2017

"Has the number of childless women reached a peak in Europe?" Ined (National Institute for Demographic Studies) raised the question and has just published its...


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