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Hormonal contraception: risk of breast cancer increases by 20%

18 December 2017

A new study involving 1.8 million Danish women between 15 and 49 years of age, carried out over eleven years, concluded that the recent or current use of...

Down syndrome: research is progressing

11 December 2017

Scientists at the University of Geneva and ETHZ Zurich (Institute for Technology and Natural Sciences)"have discovered that the symptoms of Down syndrome...

Genetics, neuroscience and robots: Pope Francis reminds us of the ethical responsibility of scientists

06 December 2017

At the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for Culture in mid-November, Pope Francis delivered a speech in keeping with the topic of this meeting,...

Pope Francis: humans are not just "an aggregate of cells, well-organised and selected through the course of life"

12 October 2017

 "The power of biotechnologies, which now permit manipulations of life that were unthinkable until now, poses formidable questions," emphasised the Pope...


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