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Porcine cells to treat Parkinson's disease?

26 June 2017

Living Cell Technologies, a New Zealand company, is developing treatment using porcine cells transplanted to the brain of patients with Parkinson's disease in...

One of Us Forum: two-day pro-life debate

12 June 2017

Last weekend, the One of Us/ Un de Nous Federation brought together 600 people in Budapest for the second European pro-life forum involving European and...

Florida: birth certificates in the case of miscarriages

12 June 2017

On 31 May, Florida Governor, Rick Scott, validated a draft bill allowing the State to issue  "stillborn certificates"  in the event of miscarriages....

She gave birth whilst in a coma and woke up several months later

24 April 2017

At twenty-five weeks pregnant, Amelia Bannan, an Argentinian police officer, was the victim of a car accident in early November and suffered head injuries. In...


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