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Pope Francis: humans are not just "an aggregate of cells, well-organised and selected through the course of life"

12 October 2017

 "The power of biotechnologies, which now permit manipulations of life that were unthinkable until now, poses formidable questions," emphasised the Pope...

Marketing of Essure sterilisation implants halted in Europe

27 September 2017

On Monday, the pharmaceutical company, Bayer, announced that Essure[1] sterilisation implants will no longer be marketed in Europe. The device, which has been...

Heart surgery performed in utero – healthy baby delivered

21 August 2017

In Canada, Kristine Barry was twenty weeks pregnant when she learned that her baby had two serious congenital heart defects. The heart was not pumping...

Porcine cells to treat Parkinson's disease?

26 June 2017

Living Cell Technologies, a New Zealand company, is developing treatment using porcine cells transplanted to the brain of patients with Parkinson's disease in...


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