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Abortion - Medical termination of Pregnancy(MTP)


Bioethics press synthesis

Late miscarriage: heading towards the registration of babies in the United Kingdom?

20 February 2018

The British Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, wants women who have experienced a late miscarriage to be able to register and certify their babies on official...

Amsterdam: Creation of a biobank of still-born and aborted foetuses

20 February 2018

In the Netherlands, from now onwards, Amsterdam University Hospital will ask all couples who attend the hospital for an abortion whether they wish to donate...

United States: The ban on abortion after 20 weeks is rejected by the Senate

09 February 2018

On Monday, the American Senate "did not succeed" in opening the debate on a draft bill intended to ban abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy. The bill,...

Are teenage girls whose mothers have had an abortion more likely to decide on abortion themselves?

09 February 2018

According to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, teenage girls whose mothers have had an abortion are more likely to choose the same...


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