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Abortion - Medical termination of Pregnancy(MTP)


Bioethics press synthesis

Ireland: abortion legislation enacted

16 October 2018

On Tuesday evening, the President of Ireland enacted the constitutional law legalising abortion in Ireland. He signed "the thirty-sixth amendment of the...

Administrative sanctions and legal proceedings for pro-abortion demonstrators in Brussels

12 October 2018

The incident occurred last April, in the March for Life  in Brussels. An unauthorised counter-demonstration by pro-abortion activists was stopped by the...

In India: "right of the foetus" vs. abortion?

12 October 2018

In India, abortion is authorised up to 20 weeks. A young 18 year-old Indian woman, who was 27 weeks pregnant following rape, requested permission to have an...

Children whose mothers use hormonal contraceptives are more likely to develop leukaemia

12 October 2018

The common denominator between the pill, patch and vaginal ring is that they all contain synthetic hormones that block ovulation. For the first time, the study...


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