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President of the Gynaecologists' Syndicate: "We are not here to take away lives"

12 October 2018

Interviewed about abortion by a TMC journalist, the President of the French Syndicate of Gynaecologists, Bertrand de Rochambeau, has clarified his position: "...

In Texas - federal judge blocks law obliging medical establishments to bury or incinerate foetal remains

05 October 2018

In Texas, a federal judge has quashed a law that would have required hospitals, abortion clinics and other establishments performing abortions to bury or...

Guatemala: abortion activists back down following pro-life protests

05 October 2018

In Guatemala, abortion activists have backed down following pro-life street demonstrations. Barely two days after a huge demonstration on 2 September 2018...

In the Netherlands - doctors should inform women of alternatives to abortion

05 October 2018

In the Netherlands, some women are stating that: "I would never have chosen to have an abortion if the doctor had told me that other forms of assistance were...


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