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Abortion - Medical termination of Pregnancy(MTP)


Bioethics press synthesis

Faster access to abortion in Ireland

19 October 2018

Last week, the Irish President enacted the law on the legalisation of abortion in Ireland following the referendum (see: Ireland: legalisation of abortion...

United States: aborted foetuses used to create chimeric mice

19 October 2018

During the summer, the US prolife network revealed an FDA contract[1] in the United States to purchase tissue from aborted human foetuses to create "chimeric...

Dr Rochambeau: "I agree to fight for those doctors who show consideration for the start of life"

16 October 2018

In the wake of the controversy he has unleashed, Dr Rochambeau is worried about challenges to the conscience clause of doctors who refuse to perform abortions...

Conscience clause: abortion - far from trivial for the woman undergoing the procedure and the gynaecologist performing it

16 October 2018

After Bailleul de la Flèche (see Sarthe - hospital centre no longer performs abortions), at Fougères Hospital, access to abortion has been limited since the...


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