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US takes measures to stop mailing of abortion pills

19 November 2018

The US "could stop subsidising postal services transporting medication from overseas for illegal abortion".   In fact, Donald Trump announced the...

Cancer during pregnancy: "15 years ago...Lots of abortions were carried out". That was misguided.

12 November 2018

Aurélie, aged 36, was six months pregnant when she discovered she had breast cancer. But doctors reassured her: "Patients often think that they cannot be...

"Every minute we spent together was worth the pain" - poignant letter from a mother to her baby who died two days after birth

12 November 2018

His parents knew that Ismaël would not live but they allowed the pregnancy to go full-term, to welcome their baby into the world. Born on 8 December, his...

In England - premature baby born before the legal abortion deadline

02 November 2018

Anita Hyams gave birth to her third child just twenty-three weeks and five days into her pregnancy, i.e. two days before the end of the UK legal abortion...


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