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Abortion - Medical termination of Pregnancy(MTP)


Bioethics press synthesis

FDA targets online abortion pill providers

25 March 2019

In the United States, recent laws restricting access to abortion have given rise to a large number of websites selling abortion pills of questionable origin...

An American man sues abortion clinic for the death of his unborn foetus, recognized as co-plaintiff

18 March 2019

In Alabama, a judge has allowed a man to sue an abortion clinic on behalf of his unborn foetus. This judge's decision, a first, is based on the law of "...

Two new U.S. states pass legislation banning abortion when a foetal heartbeat is detected

18 March 2019

“If a heartbeat is used to determine the end of life, it should be used to establish when life begins," said Republican Congressman Ed Setzler, supporting his...

Funding abortion services in developing countries: Ireland could change its policy

18 March 2019

Last week, the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and foreign minister Simon Coveney launched A Better World, a new policy on aid for developing countries. This...


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