Bioethics press synthesis

Egg ‘donations’ in China can be paid up to €50,000

28 May 2019

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, young Chinese female students who volunteer to donate their oocytes receive "payments" for "subsistence costs" that can be more than 400,000 yuan, i.e. about €50...

The UK High Court approves sex reassignment of a four-year-old child

28 May 2019

The UK High Court found that a four-year-old child "had suffered no harm" from the full sex reassignment operation decided on by his parents. Following the operation and after the parents sent their...

Infertility, MAR and cancer risk: an American study

28 May 2019

The journal Human Reproduction has published a study entitled Cancer Risk in Infertile Women: Analysis of US Claims Data. This research shows a link between infertility and increased cancer, although...

Clandestine abortions in Morocco: dismantling a network and legal proceedings

28 May 2019

At the end of April, a clandestine abortion network was dismantled in the city of Marrakech, in Morocco. Six of its members will be tried on 24 May, including two medical interns, a medical student...

Transgender women at higher risk of developing breast cancer

28 May 2019

During the sexual transition period, transgender people may have to undergo hormone treatment to induce their physical changes. A Dutch study published in the BMJ shows that transgender women (born...

Cambodia: 11 surrogate mothers released on bail

28 May 2019

Eleven Cambodian surrogate mothers arrested in November (see Surrogacy in Cambodia: fifteen new arrests in Phnom Penh) were released on bail last month "in return for promising not to sell their...

Vincent Lambert: the urgent applications judge refuses to apply the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

28 May 2019

On Wednesday, the Paris Administrative Court rejected the urgent appeal of Vincent Lambert's parents for a suspension of the procedure decided by Vincent’s doctor to stop their son's care. The...

Chile: Lawmakers advance bill permitting euthanasia for 14-year-olds

20 May 2019

The Committee on Public Health in the lower chamber of Chile’s congress approved a bill that would allow 14-year-olds to obtain the means for medically-assisted suicide. This move, approved in...


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