Bioethics press synthesis

Transforming brain signals into words to give back a voice to people who have lost it

06 May 2019

People who have lost the ability to speak due to a stroke, cerebral palsy, Charcot's disease, Alzheimer's, brain damage, cancer, etc. may soon regain their voice. Researchers at the University of...

Autonomous robotic catheter navigation in pig hearts

06 May 2019

Bioengineers at Boston's Children's Hospital have developed a catheter "capable of autonomous navigation in the body," which has been tested in pigs. Able to steer using an optical touch sensor with...

Hundreds of teenagers are given puberty blockers

06 May 2019

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust clinic in London offers a gender identity development service. Five doctors have just resigned "due to concerns over the treatment of children...

Turkey, a new destination for reproductive tourism

29 April 2019

Turkey has become a favourite destination for Western couples looking for low-cost in-vitro fertilization treatment. It attracts both American women, who cannot afford an IVF cycle in their own...

Morocco passes law on MAR

29 April 2019

Following six years of negotiations on religious and moral issues, a law governing medically assisted reproduction came into effect in Morocco on 04 April. MAR has already been practised in the...

Italian doctors encouraged by the Order not to practice euthanasia in the event of decriminalisation

29 April 2019

The Italian President of the National Federation of the Order of Doctors and Dentists is of the opinion that even if the Italian Parliament one day legalizes euthanasia, no doctor should practice it...

Euthanasia legalized in the state of New Jersey

29 April 2019

On 12 April, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation allowing euthanasia for terminally ill patients. The bill will take effect on 01 August 2019.   The law makes it possible for...

The data security of the Ovia Health app is not guaranteed

29 April 2019

In a survey published last Wednesday, the Washington Post revealed the other side of the success of pregnancy apps like Ovia Healthin the United States.    Ovia Health, founded in...


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