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"Another woman has given birth to my son": surrogate mother sues fertility clinic

11 December 2017

38 year-old Canadian, Alicia Chonn, is suing the Olive Fertility Center, which she claims used her eggs without her consent to inseminate the friend whose first child she carried as the...

Transhumanism: "The real danger for the future of mankind is the commercialisation of life"

11 December 2017

In an interview with Le Figaro, Jean-Marie le Méné[1], President of the Fondation Lejeune, and Laurent Alexandre[2], surgeon and neurobiologist, compare their vision for the future of mankind....

Down syndrome: research is progressing

11 December 2017

Scientists at the University of Geneva and ETHZ Zurich (Institute for Technology and Natural Sciences)"have discovered that the symptoms of Down syndrome are triggered by the uncontrolled...

Born through gamete donation: "My entire life is nothing but a lie"

11 December 2017

This is what John, a 22 year-old Englishman said when he learned that he had been born through gamete donation. His younger sister, who is 19 and pregnant, asked her parents if there were "any...

"CRISPR kits" sold by a biohacker

11 December 2017

Former NASA employee, Josiah Zayner, "has become the biohacker on everyone's lips" after experimenting on himself. Following the transplantation of faecal matter in 2016, he talked about "...

"No-one should be afraid of having a child with Down syndrome"

11 December 2017

In the United Kingdom, Louise Johnson decided to speak out and make society more aware of Down syndrome.    Six years ago, she gave birth to twins, Thomas and Jacob, one of whom has...

Embryo donation - not such a "rosy" practice

11 December 2017

In Australia, excess embryos generated through a medically assisted procreation programme can be "donated" to an infertile couple without the procedure having to remain anonymous. For Natalie Parker...

Australia: the State of Victoria legalises assisted suicide

11 December 2017

This Wednesday, a controversial law on "assisted death" was adopted following a "rigorous debate" in the Australian State of. This will take effect in June 2019. This is the first Australian State to...


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