Bioethics press synthesis

New Zealand: pre-conception tests for all future parents

15 April 2019

New Zealand now recommends pre-conception testing for all couples. Until now, these expensive genetic tests were only offered to so-called "high-risk" women, i.e. those with a family history of...

Xenotransplants: are the first human trials imminent?

15 April 2019

Researchers in South Korea are expected to transplant pig corneas into humans "within a year". Several teams in the United States are also preparing to launch clinical trials of xenotransplantation:...

Abortion: the "heartbeat bill" passed in Georgia

15 April 2019

On 30 March, Georgia lawmakers voted to ban abortion “as soon as a heartbeat is detected in the embryo ", as early as the sixth week of pregnancy. The measure allows exceptions in the event of...

A pregnant women bearing a little girl with Down syndrome offered an abortion by her doctor

15 April 2019

"The doctor asked me if this baby was planned and said: ‘You’re young, so why would you want to keep this baby when your chances of having another baby with Down syndrome are really low? You could...

US, $1.7 million awarded to an anti-abortion organization

15 April 2019

In the U.S., the Trump Administration has awarded a grant of $5.1 million for the next three years, including $1.7 million for this year, to the non-profit organization the Obria Group. The funds...

Extremely premature lambs kept alive in an "artificial uterus"

15 April 2019

In 2017, a team of researchers announced that they had kept premature lamb foetuses alive in an "artificial uterus". Last month, the same scientists said that they had made a "leap forward" by...

Survey: New Yorkers mostly opposed to late-term abortions

15 April 2019

According to surveys, New York State residents are massively overwhelmingly opposed to late-term abortions. Barely two months after the Governor of New York legalized abortion until birth[1], a...

In vitro fertilization associated with small increase in childhood cancer risk

15 April 2019

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have carried out a large-scale study to investigate the risk of cancer in children born from IVF[1]. This study, published in JAMA Paediatrics, included 2,...


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