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Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital proposes "Charter of Rights of Incurable Children"

18 June 2018

Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital is currently proposing a "Charter of Rights of Incurable Children" for European hospitals, inspired by the "International Charter on Children's Rights in Hospital",...

United Kingdom - first 3D printed human cornea

18 June 2018

British scientists at Newcastle University have succeeded in "printing" human corneas from stem cells.   The cornea is the transparent outer layer of the eyeball. It can be damaged...

Against "medically assisted reproduction for all", 1,600 doctors challenge the Conseil de l’Ordre des Médecins (French Medical Council)

18 June 2018

"Our main aim is to treat patients, alleviate suffering and ultimately prevent disease. Apart from the aforementioned roles, there's nothing else for us to do", explains Dr. Raphaël Nogier, General...

In Quebec, "end-of-life care cannot just mean access to medical aid in dying"

18 June 2018

"End-of-life care cannot just mean access to medical aid in dying". In Quebec, in a letter sent on Tuesday to Health Minister Gaétan Barrette, the College of Physicians deplores the fact that access...

Surrogacy in Canada: Quebec firmly opposed

18 June 2018

"The government of Quebec is vigorously opposed to any legislation that would open the door to commodifying women’s bodies", the Minister of Justice said in a statement to the media, responding to...

Irish referendum: abortion decriminalised

18 June 2018

The Yes vote won the referendum on whether abortion should be decriminalised in Ireland. With a turnout rate of 64.13%, 66.4% voted Yes, 33.6% voted No.   Support was strongest in Dublin...

Abortion in Ireland: doctors ask to include their right to conscientious objection in proposed legislation

18 June 2018

Under the current abortion bill, refusing to refer patients to doctors willing to perform abortions would "be a breach of the law". While the law allows conscientious objection and allows doctors to...

Portugal’s Parliament rejects euthanasia

18 June 2018

The bill that would have legalised euthanasia in Portugal was rejected Tuesday evening, with 110 votes in favour, 115 against, and only four abstentions. The vote took place after a "heated debate...


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