Bioethics press synthesis

Sorting embryos according to their IQ?

10 December 2018

The companies Genomic Prediction and MyOme have come up with two new pre-implantation diagnosis "options". Pre-implantation diagnosis or PID is a technique that was developed thirty years ago. It...

In England, baby's ventilator is turned off without parental consent. NHS pays compensation

10 December 2018

A British couple have just won a legal battle against the NHS in relation to their new-born baby who died in 2012. According to staff at Darlington Memorial Hospital , the child's ventilator was...

Ohio: draft bill to ban abortion of foetuses with detectable heartbeats

10 December 2018

The Ohio House of Representatives has adopted a bill banning abortions as soon as a foetal heartbeat is detected. The decision was passed by 65 votes to 30. The Senate should vote with the same...

Disappearance of anonymity in biological parentage – and anonymous delivery?

10 December 2018

A review of the bioethics law challenges sperm donor anonymity "which could be removed" for two reasons: the international commitments signed by France in relation to "access to origin" and the...

Genetic tests readily available - woman left devastated following removal of uterus and breasts in error

10 December 2018

"There's no solution to this. I can't have my organs back", explains a 36-year-old American woman in desperation. She "no longer has a uterus, ovaries or breasts—all have been removed". She was "...

Mississippi: the ban on abortion after 15 weeks is unconstitutional according to federal judge

10 December 2018

Abortion will no longer be banned after 15 weeks in Mississippi. The law was revoked on Tuesday by a federal judge. He held that such a law "unequivocally" violated the constitutional rights of women...

Will the ban on aborting babies with Down syndrome in Indiana be upheld?

10 December 2018

Nineteen US states are calling for the US Supreme Court to uphold the abortion ban for Down syndrome in Indiana.   This 2016 law has been challenged over the past month by Indiana Attorney...

Vincent Lambert is not in a situation of unreasonable obstinacy. Will he be transferred?

10 December 2018

Experts appointed by the courts have drawn their conclusions. They initially deemed that the 42-year-old male nurse was in an "irreversible chronic vegetative state": "From a clinical perspective,...


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