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Criminal obstruction to abortion: The National Assembly censures freedom of expression

17 February 2017

Conventional speech this morning at the national Assembly, each member perfectly playing his/her role. The outcome of the vote was clear all along. After the last intervention concerning this law,...

Criminal obstruction to abortion: the French Senate refreshes the text without taking out its freedom-destroying dimension

16 February 2017

In less than two hours, the French Senate went over, for the second time, the writing of the new criminal offence concerning abortion proposed by the National Assembly. 171 voices against 147 allowed...

Criminal obstruction to abortion at the National Assembly: a hasty examination in Commission

16 February 2017

To vote the draft law extending criminal obstruction to abortion; thus is the objective of a government which has engaged in a marathon to achieve its objective. This morning, in just a few minutes,...

[Movie] You shall not kill: conscientious objection between the lines

01 February 2017

Released in cinemas last November 9th, the movie “You shall not kill”  prevailed during the end of 2016. The movie relates the story of a conscientious objector who chose to serve his country by...

European Parliament: make robots the equals of men?

01 February 2017

Take responsibility away from human beings and hand it over to robots: because of the answers it provides and the solutions it recommends, the amended version of the Delvaux Report, adopted by the...

Surrogacy: No right to family life based on child purchase

31 January 2017

Italy questions the first ruling concerning gestational surrogacy and wins the case. Decrypting for Gènéthique from Claire de la Hougue, Doctor of Law.   On January 24th, the Grand Chamber...

One baby, three DNAs, 2 transgressions

20 December 2016

Yesterday, in Great-Britain, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority approved the law authorizing three-parent IVF to prevent the transmission of mitochondrial diseases. Jean-Marie Le Méné,...

Three-parent IVF attempts authorized in the UK

20 December 2016

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, an independent structure of the British Health Ministry has validated the 2005 law authorizing the creation of embryos using a three-parent IVF...


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