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Naprotechnology: a medical assistance for natural procreation

19 July 2016

Naprotechnology: a medical assistance for natural procreation   This summer’s news began with our institutions persistently trying to extend the scope of medically assisted procreation[1...

The “regrets of being a mother” – explanation of a taboo by Thérèse Hargot

15 July 2016

On Monday, Libération published a sensational article: “Le regret d’être mère, ultime tabou” – (The regrets of being a mother, the ultimate taboo)”, highlighting a study [1] that...

Neonatal palliative care: meeting your dying child

07 July 2016

The multidisciplinary prenatal diagnosis centre in Rennes carried out an experiment from 2006 to 2012 alongside parents who had chosen to take the pregnancy to its term after having being informed...

Chromosome abnormality, who gets to judge of the “right to be born”?

29 June 2016

A recent study [1]has revealed that multidisciplinary antenatal diagnosis centres (PDADC) have a primordial role to play concerning the follow up of pregnancies related to the diagnosis of the...

Euthanasia for organ donations: who will stop the system gone wild?

15 June 2016

According to the Journal of Medical Ethics, around 40 organ donations from patients that were euthanized on their demand have been listed in Belgium and the Netherlands. Still too few according to...

In Poland, the government wishes to fund NaProTech rather than IVF

25 April 2016

In December, the new Polish Government[1] decided to terminate State funding of the in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) programme with effect from mid-2016 (cf. Poland: the government announces cessation of...

The “CRISPR insanity”

25 April 2016

“Genetic revolution”, “biotechnological tsunami”, “fantastic tool”: the discovery of CRISPR-Cas9, the new genetic tool, brings both hope and concern, and, for over a year now, has given rise to much...

Neonatal infanticides, for a growing awareness in Europe

13 April 2016

On April the 13th, in the European Parliament a conference was organised on “the medical, legal and ethical aspects of neonatal infanticides”. Grégor Puppinck, expert of Gènéthique and Claire de...


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