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The NIPT reimbursed in the Netherlands, a choice of prenatal exclusion

05 October 2016

On September 20th, the Dutch Minister for Health announced that the NIPT would be available for all pregnant women from April 1st 2017 and mostly reimbursed by social security [2]. This decision is...

Towards a greater protection of life in Poland

05 October 2016

In April 2016, Poland was moved by the failed abortion of a baby with Down syndrome, born alive at 24 weeks of pregnancy. It cried for one hour, abandoned, before dying.   The event had a...

Abortion can never become a “fundamental right” or a “freedom”

05 October 2016

Can one speak of a right to abortion? It comes as the ultimate question on this “Global day of action for safe and legal abortion”. In order to answer this, Génèthique interrogated Grégor Puppinck...

Does contraception really reduce the number of abortions ? Experts’ answer

04 October 2016

September 26th is the « World Contraception Day”. For the occasion, Claire de La Hougue and Grégor Puppinck bring forward the paradox of contraception, according to which the number of abortions...

Human embryonic stem cells and overenthusiastic media

04 October 2016

A “prowess”, a “revolution”, “promises”: one semantic field used to amplify every new announcement –though isolated- concerning work based on human embryonic stem cells. This week, it was the turn of...

Surrogacy: The Council of Europe rejects the resolution, but suggests a recommendation. Decoding.

04 October 2016

Yesterday, the Social Affairs Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) rejected the draft resolution by Petra Sutter (cf. The Council of Europe rejects the report on...

Cybathlon: a generous idea or the prelude to servitude?

04 October 2016

While the Paralympics are coming to an end, another competition, the Cybathlon, is about to bring together disabled people, who will be confronting each other in trials carried out in symbiosis with...

Gestational Surrogacy: the ECHR supports child purchase for all

22 July 2016

On July 21st,  2016, the European Court of Human Rights rendered public its ruling concerning the Foulon and Bouvet cases against France (no 9063/14 and 10410/14) in which the French...


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