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The human embryo: a person or a cluster of cells?

22 March 2018

The human embryo: a person or a cluster of cells? To be or not to be, that truly is the question when dozens of human embryo research protocols are authorised by the Biomedicine Agency. Because the...

End of life: "I beg you, let live those who have so much more to give!"

22 March 2018

On Wednesday, Le Monde published an article in which 156 MPs call on the government to legislate on euthanasia and assisted suicide before the end of 2018. Béatrix Paillot is a geriatric doctor who...

Out goes the soul, in comes the gene?

19 March 2018

Our ancestors revered the soul as the principle of the body's animation. The last few decades have seen a host of fascinating discoveries leading to a better understanding of the way our cells work...

Argentina: President Macri opens debate on abortion, in a country highly divided over such issues

13 March 2018

In response to demands from feminist groups lobbying for “free, safe legal abortion since 2005”, President of Argentina Mauricio Macri, though personally opposed to abortion, announced that Congress...

Marianne Durano: "And what if we let life surprise us?"

09 March 2018

In her recently published book, "Mon corps ne vous appartient pas"(My body doesn't belong to you)[1], Marianne Durano tells "the story of dispossession and the account of a reconquest"—that of a...

At the end of life, some patients are less capable of making serious decisions than doctors think

06 March 2018

End-stage cancer patients have to face difficult decisions: what treatment options should they choose to achieve their goals? When is it reasonable to stop treatment? A study published in The...

Neurosciences, between progress and human rights

01 March 2018

Although neurosciences[1] open up vast therapeutic avenues, they are not entirely risk-free and international regulation is required.   The information contained in the human brain is...

From "repair" to "augmentation" of human beings - where does transhumanism begin?

18 January 2018

Bionic eye, prostheses, exoskeleton - the augmented human of the 21st century fascinates and repels us at the same time. But what is an augmented human? Where should the line between repair, care and...


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