"Every minute we spent together was worth the pain" - poignant letter from a mother to her baby who died two days after birth

His parents knew that Ismaël would not live but they allowed the pregnancy to go full-term, to welcome their baby into the world. Born on 8 December, his fragile life lasted all of 48 hours. He died in his mother's arms. She has written him a poignant letter: "I loved you from the start. I didn't think about what would happen. I was beside you every step of the way although I knew that losing you would hurt me. The pain and emptiness in my heart are immense. But I would willingly do the same thing all over again just to know you, to love you, to wait for you and to hold you in my arms. When I picked you up, you opened your little eyes, you looked at me and you showed me that every minute we spent together was worth the pain. I feel like a mother who had the greatest gift in the world to have a son like you. You will live on in our hearts forever".


Aleteia (23/10/2018)

Photo: Pixabay DR