The Bill Gates' Foundation continues its commitment to contraceptive technologies

The Bill Gates’ Foundation has donated a 5 million dollar subsidy to an Oregon research centre in order to create a unique contraceptive pill based on a new contraceptive method that is “both safe and long-term”.


This pill is aimed primarily at “women who have already had children or do not want any”.  It should “put an end to the daily pill, condoms and regular implant replacements”. “Our aim is very simple: to make every pregnancy a planned, desirable event” announced gynaecologist Jeffrey Jensen, Head of the Research Department at Oregon Health and Science University.


The Bill Gates’ Foundation is also subsidising a project to the tune of 6.7 million dollars for the development of micro-implants which “might or might not deliver the contraceptive substance within the desired time and which could last for up to 16 years”.


The chip works by injecting 30 micrograms of a hormonal substance into the bloodstream every day via a tiny electric charge. “The advantage of this solution compared to a permanent one is that contraception can be stopped at any time,” explained Robert Farra, President of MicrosoftCHIPS and researcher at MIT. He explained that, “the option to activate the chip or not gives a certain flexibility to those wishing to plan their family”.


This technology is being tested at the present time and the chip should be on the market in 2018.



Toolito (Eric Gerardin) 19/06/2015